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Pegaso Informatica

Our work is the development of software applications and IT management in the sector of Ophtalmics Lenses and Optics environment. Pegaso Informatica is a software company that continues to grow, working for over 30 years in the industry, made up of staff with vast experience and extensive knowledge in the field of computer-ophthalmic.

The highly skilled personnel in the field, has generated its own experience working directly with companies all over the Italian territory, thereby developing quality products increasingly demanded and more efficient. Availability and seriousness in dealing with individual problems, continuously updated on the technologies in use, rapid response, paricolar care in dealing with customers and the sales hotline daily are only some of the major features of Pegaso Informatica SRL.

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Our primary mission persists in the creation and marketing of software products that are customized to the demands of individual customers. Currently, the main product that we distribute is this package PegasoTel, a software for the management of orders online for optical stores, including Remote Edging (sending Remote shapes for the grinding of lenses). We also offer reliable and correct function of the realization of the products, paying particular attention to the frequent requests we are notified, and customer support so we are always available to 100%.

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Who do we work for?

We provide computerized packages and complete solutions for all management of:

- Ophthalmic Laboratories

- Laboratories Of Edgings

- Laboratories Of Tintings / Coatings

- Optical Stores


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